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About Jay

Restoring New Mexico

I believe it is essential that you know who I am, what I bring to the table, and why I want to be your State Representative. I am a Native New Mexican, graduate of New Mexico State University, resident of Santa Fe County since late 1980, and have raised my family here. I am a professional engineer retired from the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission. I worked throughout New Mexico and the southwest United States. I have served our community as a volunteer youth sports coach, a deacon, and the Chairman of the Friends of the NRA Santa Fe.

New Mexico is a beautiful and wonderful state, rich in culture, the arts, and natural resources. We are proudly multicultural and have been for generations; that makes us unique. We have gas, oil, and rare earth minerals that could make us one of the wealthiest states in America, and yet, the New Mexico economy ranks 44th in the nation.

New Mexico ranks last in education, last in child well-being, has the highest unemployment rate, and 2nd highest violent crime rate in the nation. Our state has one of the most punishing tax systems for small businesses.

We have seen 40% of the small businesses in the state fail and will never return. Failure of these small businesses means only that former small business owners are now unable to provide for their families in the manner of their choosing, a result of actions by our state government with no focus on recovery solutions.


New Mexico ranks 49th in poverty in the United States; one out of every five New Mexicans live in poverty. The suicide rate in New Mexico is nearly two times the rate of the rest of the nation, and about a third involve alcohol abuse. The sheriff of Santa Fe County found that five of six recent homicides involved alcohol, yet no efforts by the state government are directed at solving this crisis. Drug and alcohol abuse are contributing factors in all ten of the top causes of death in New Mexico, yet our state contributes only three (3) percent of the facilities for treatment of our troubled citizens, an undeniable problem. Our leaders have failed through negligence.
New Mexicans are suffering from out-of-control inflation and budget-crippling gas prices, although we are one of the top oil producers in the nation. Depending on the information source, New Mexico has the fourth lowest or second lowest average income in the nation.
New Mexico leads the nation with the highest percentage of late-term abortions and matches only California and New York for allowing abortion with no restrictions. The remaining 47 states and most European countries have reasonable limits on abortion that must be considered. I will support ending tax-payer funding of abortion.
Our state is ranked 50th in child well-being. Child abuse and neglect are not being addressed by our state government. I will work to strengthen laws to protect children and update child abuse disclosure laws. Every child in New Mexico deserves to be protected against child abuse.
New Mexico’s oil and gas golden egg is being purposely damaged to a point that threatens the sustainability of the permanent fund, which finances 40 percent of our state government, and the intent of some legislators is to further damage the sustainability of the fund by increasing distributions. Damage to the sustainability of the permanent fund will only result in massive tax increases being necessary for the future, which will unreasonably create yet another burden on our people and our children.
The failures of our state government stated above, must be addressed by replacing our government representatives that have utterly failed New Mexicans. My purpose in serving as your State Representative is to reduce taxes, protect all constitutional rights and liberty, protect family values and the sanctity of our lives, and develop New Mexico's economy through education, training, and business attraction opportunities to protect and prepare our citizens for a prosperous and rewarding future.
I am firmly committed to providing educational opportunities for our youth that will enhance career and advancement potential to promote quality of life. I am committed to protecting our natural resources to meet the needs of our people to escape poverty and the desperation that leads to chemical dependency, child and domestic abuse, and crime.
Ther is much to be done to secure and protect our soil, water, and air for future generations. Those entities that exploit our soil, water, and air for profits in emerging energy technologies must bear their fair share of the tax burden for the support of our local and state governments, just as does current energy companies. Regulatory reform must be considered in all areas to ensure that our people’s means of livelihood are protected and that emerging energy technologies are held to the same environmental protection standards as current energy companies.
I will support legislation to hold criminals fully responsible for crimes including sentencing enhancements for crimes committed with the unlawful use of firearms. I will oppose legislation that jeopardizes the gas and oil industry. I will work to provide fair energy costs that protect consumers in their honorable efforts to provide for and protect every family and individual.
I will work for tax reform to eliminate unfair gross receipts tax and unfair burdens on the ethical operation of the businesses that provide jobs for New Mexicans. Our state must respond to our mental health crisis in areas of child abuse, and drug, and alcohol abuse by investing in treatment facilities and programs. Above all, I will protect every individual’s constitutional rights to secure and protect our liberty and democracy.

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