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Dear New Mexico NRA House District 46 Members:

You couldn't draw a bigger contrast between the candidates running to represent YOU in the New Mexico State House of Representatives in 2020.

Since she was elected in 2018, your State Representative Andrea Romero (D) voted to ban the private transfer of firearms and for red flag gun confiscation laws.  Before she took office, and since then, she has been embroiled in a scandal over taxpayer reimbursements for questionable expenses related to her service with an organization that had little or no demonstrable value to the citizens of New Mexico.  Even the Santa Fe New Mexican, which tilts far left of center, questioned her involvement and her debt owed to them this week.

On the other hand, you have a candidate in Jay Groseclose (R) who has fought

for your rights alongside NRA-ILA at the Roundhouse as a private citizen.  As a volunteer, he has chaired the Friends of NRA of Santa Fe, raising money to support programs that promote the safe and responsible use of firearms.  Jay is a retired engineer, a New Mexico native, a youth sports coach, a deacon and a steadfast supporter of the Second Amendment.

Santa Fe New Mexicans deserve better.  Your rights shouldn't mean less because of where you live.  VOTE for Jay Groseclose this November!


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