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We all know that the Democrats of our past have largely been replaced by a new philosophy of leftist progressivism.  Changes being attempted by the majority party are not producing the results all New Mexicans expect of their government.  As a state we have allowed the killing of unborn children up to birth, most being minority races.  This is not the New Mexico culture and tradition of la familia. 


The leftist majority passed an energy bill that will increase our energy costs 200 to 300 plus percent in the near future.  More than $2 billion in surplus funding during the last two regular sessions of the legislature has been squandered.  Our legislature passed massive tax increases while surplus income was in hand.  This is not fair to the people of our state. We are facing the certainty of tax increases next year despite the fact that many New Mexicans have experienced income reductions this year because of Covid shutdowns.  


Our government has enacted legislation that infringes our personal rights guaranteed in the New Mexico and United States constitutions.  Unless challenged, our next legislature will bring new legislation to further suppress our right to arm and protect ourselves, our families and our property, as guaranteed in our New Mexico Constitution.  The new laws to suppress our 2nd Amendment rights have failed miserably to make even a ripple in crime reduction. 


New Mexico has beautiful panoramic views that will be destroyed with unrecyclable bird killing wind turbines and massive solar panel installations that sacrifice ground dwelling animals, reptiles and native plant species we have spent millions of dollars to protect.  New Mexico’s beauty will be massively degraded. 


New Mexico’s restaurants and mom and pop shops have been unnecessarily harmed, even destroyed, by the Covid shutdown while allowing big box businesses to operate and actually thrive from lack of competition.  The decisions to close our small businesses were arbitrary and punitive, with the governor admitting that she picked the winners and losers during the shutdown.  The governor chose small businesses and their employees to be the losers. 


Our schools are some of the lowest rated in the nation.  We have low graduation rates when our funding per student is greater than many other states.  We owe our future generations much more than our government is providing.  We must provide vocational and advanced technical training in addition to college education for our youth to choose a career path suitable to their choice. 


Democrats, I am with you.  I agree with you that we need improvements in our beloved state. Isn’t it time for a change?  We must protect our rights, protect our children, and reduce our taxes.     If you disagree, do not vote for me.  I am asking for your vote November 3.  Please join me as we make a better New Mexico.  Together, we can Restore New Mexico.

Dear Democrats,

While out on the campaign trail, I have heard many concerned responses about red flag laws and our diminished second amendment rights, continued taxation and diminished opportunities for our youth to learn a trade and to have a life long career and the ability to stay in this state.   

As I have had conversations with many of you, I would like to ask some of these same questions that I have asked when walking.  During the COVID crisis, how do you feel about a Governor who arbitrarily has shut down small businesses while allowing big box stores to remain open?  Tell me how you feel about the largest tax increase in our history in 2019, while the state’s budget surplus as a result of gas and oil was squandered?  We have been promised more tax increases to come, especially energy costs as a result of the current overspending, green deal, and budget pitfalls due to the COVID.

Do you want our vast open spaces filled with bird killing, unrecyclable wind generators and solar panels?  Tell me how you feel when you are not allowed access to State Parks, supported by your tax dollars?  How do you feel about diminished gun rights and what are your concerns about rising taxes?

Why does the Democrat Party insist on enslaving people in poverty?

Please go to my contact page and let me know what issues are important to you.  I’m listening.


Jay Groseclose                                                                                                                                                          

Candidate for District 46, Santa Fe, NM

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