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Sanctity of Life

The turning point in my decision to run for the State Legislature came when I read on social media a statement by Andrea Romero, my opponent in the 46th District, boasting about her support from Planned Parenthood and how many babies have been killed in New Mexico. 

This disdain and disregard for human life is heartbreaking.  There were 3999 abortions reported in New Mexico in 2017.  My understanding is that the number of abortions continues to increase every year.  An average of 13 babies are killed every day in New Mexico, the majority of which are from minority populations.  I believe this is the greatest racist atrocity that exists in our state. 

The strangest dichotomy exists in the thinking of the progressive leftists in our government in the fact that some leftists claimed that one of the strong arguments in support of open borders and uncontrolled immigration into our country is that we are short of the needed labor force in our country!  This statement was indeed one of the most racist and absurd notions I heard from the progressives.  It amounts to a statement that we need to import a lower class of people to perform the tasks Americans do not want to do.  Devaluing people in this manner disregards the sanctity of all human life.  These degradations of an economic class of people are the basis of racism.  This is not my idea of equality and dignity for all races represented in our state.

Another idea I find our progressive leftists are attempting to implement is assisted suicide.  I understand that end-of-life issues are quite sensitive, but find that progressive leftist arguments for gun control are generally supported as a means to prevent suicides.  Note that the government will not benefit much from taxes on a single bullet, a garage hanging, or a bridge leap, nor will the government benefit from the overdose suicides of illegal drugs that have become prolific in our state; but taxes on doctor services and drugs for assisted suicide will be a significant new tax increase for the state.  This example exhibits the ingenuous nature of the progressive leftist agenda for gun control on one hand and promotion of assisted suicide and abortion on the other.  The progressive leftist agenda is an agenda of death.

I will strive to eliminate existing abortion laws and prevent further degradation of the rights of the unborn.  No greater harm can be done to a society than to kill its own young.  I will strive to protect our citizens by speaking out for a sustained policy of immigration into the US and New Mexico that can be achieved without harming the job market needed by New Mexicans.  The job market must sustain a demand for new jobs to stabilize employment while at the same time providing enough labor demand so that wages for New Mexicans will rise by demand rather than be reduced by an uncontrolled influx of cheap imported labor.  This is a critical quality and value of life principle.

I will oppose all proposed legislation that cheapens or disregards the sanctity of life, and will seek the elimination of laws that authorize abortion.  I stand against all legislation in this state seeking to expand abortion or to implement assisted suicide.  Both are blatant attempts by the leftists to devalue life and to create new taxes.

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